ProjectLocker for

Keep your Basecamp projects in sync with your code changes.

Basecamp is a popular Web-based project management app. But as with any project management tool, you'll get better results if you are able to capture more of your team's activities. Linking your ProjectLocker and Basecamp accounts makes it even easier for your team to update your Basecamp projects. And since updates come directly from your commit messages, your Basecamp will always be up-to-date.

You get better visibility into your projects, so you can make better decisions.

$ svn commit -m "Updated to new UI theme."
Updating Basecamp from your commit messages is this easy.

Seamless Visibility

Make it easy for your team to update Basecamp from their normal workflow. So nobody forgets to update your Basecamp projects with the most recent status.

Works how you do

After a simple connection in ProjectLocker Portal, every checkin to your Subversion or Git repository automatically updates Basecamp. Your team can keep working with their familiar style.

Simplify Discussions

Since all of your code updates automatically create Basecamp discussions in your project, your team can easily debate approaches to development, right in Basecamp.
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