ProjectLocker for

Notify your Slack channel with your Subversion and Git commits.

Slack is a platform for team communication that puts everything in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go. Linking your ProjectLocker and Slack accounts keeps everyone up-to-date with activity in your codebase by automatic posts to your Slack channel.

If you use Slack and Subversion or Git, this integration will increase visibility on your project activity and keep your team better informed.

You can keep using your existing Subversion or Git client — just commit and push normally to automatically update your Slack channel.

Simplify your workflow

Make it easy for your team to notify teammates via Slack from their normal workflow. So nobody forgets to update Slack, and your Slack searches will have a more complete picture of your activity.

Use your favorite client

After a simple connection in ProjectLocker Portal, you can update your Slack right from your commit messages no matter what client you use.

Improve visibility

With more timely data available, your team can make better decisions and reduce redundant work. You'll be able to communicate delivery expectations more accurately and ship on time.
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